D’ICI 2031 - Contributing to the success of numerous real estate projects including several retirement complexes.

As experienced real estate consultants, our savvy team will launch, develop, market and recruit the lease/sales team, thereby ensuring the success and recurrence of future real estate complexes.

Real estate consultant

D’ICI 2031 is specialized in launching real estate complexes for 55+. Over the past 25 years, our process has contributed to the success of twenty-some projects. Discover how our methods are instrumental in contributing to the development of partner projects.

Location analysis, economic feasibility study

Analyzing the risk and potential return of a future real estate project, understanding its geographic and demographic location, and exploring and validating the interests of partners and collaborators, are crucial steps. Our roleTo do the groundwork, both literally and figuratively… Thanks to our findings, our clients know the facts, there are no ambiguities. The steps to ensure optimal revenues are well-defined.

Architectural development, construction and its process

Clarifying, even breaking down, plans and quotes is essential when elaborating a real estate project. At this phase, clear, open communication is essential amongst architects, designers and developers. Our roleTo accompany the promoter from start to delivery, always keeping in mind that the goal is to understand and envision a dream, our client’s dream…

sales strategy

To position the project, advertise it, and attribute all the qualities it deserves… these steps have become inevitable in real estate. Ensuring that the project stands out among the target clientele is key. Our roleTo create a complete marketing strategy, to establish budgets and original strategies… this is our playground…

Project follow-up
and accompaniment

Optimizing results along the way is our goal. To do so, our team must understand a potential clients’ demands, analyze the uncertainties and validate the representatives’ proposals. A thorough analysis of the competition is highly recommended. Success in real estate development means doing your homework and validating your choices. Our roleOur forte is recruiting, training and following up with the sales teams in order to improve results along the way. The strategy is evaluated before and during the project to ensure optimal outcomes. Assisting teams on location, making sure everyone understands and verifying the quality of the communications are a given. We oversee every step, paying attention to all the details, this is our specialty…

Delivery, knowledge transfer

Greeting customers and knowing how to highlight a project. To be aware of the complex’s strengths and weaknesses, to be able to describe the units, the common areas and the services, and what residents gain by choosing this project. Our roleTo transfer a project’s uniqueness to your sales/lease representatives is a key step that we take very seriously; beyond selling a building, we ensure that the potential client’s visit is memorable…

Current projects

Discover the projects currently being developed by the D’ICI 2031 team.

  • Humano District

    Humano District is a new mixed-use rental real estate project that will be located along the Jacques Cartier Bridge at the intersection of Galt Street. The district will be developed according to the following four precepts: The protection of Mont Bellevue, The promotion of sustainable mobility, The rehabilitation of the intersection Galt and Jacques-Cartier, The safeguarding of the Maison Générale des Petites Soeurs de la Sainte-Famille.

    Visit the project
    Humano a project for people aged 55 years and over in Sherbrooke
  • EVOL

    EVOL is the result of a desire to live freely… free from the daily commitments of property ownership and maintenance! Its location in the heart of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu places it among the region’s finest projects. Our goal is that this complex becomes the reference in Quebec rental projects!

    Visit the project
    A senior residences in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Gest sur Gouin

    Soon, Montreal’s noteworthy Gouin Boulevard will be the setting of an impressive rental condo project. This site’s optimal location offers incredible views of the Rivière-des-Prairies and of the Mount Royal, all this from an architecture that is both contemporary and harmonious.

    Visit the project
    D’ICI 2031 Gest sur Gouin
  • Le QuartierSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

    Situated on a site that meets the current generation’s expectations of combining an active lifestyle with residential living, this project is set in a peaceful, yet easily accessible location. Neighbouring key commercial offerings, Le Quartier lets you live at your own pace.
    D’ICI 2031 Le Quartier
  • Le Vice VersaSt-Jérôme

    Development of a new branding for our client that integrates the notion of “with and without services.” Taking the concept of affordable residences one step further.
    D’ICI 2031 Le Vice Versa
  • Le Vice Versa Châteauguay

    A second project offering the “with or without services” concept.
    D’ICI 2031 Le Vice Versa
  • Le Vice VersaSt-Jérôme

    This project is the result of a new branding, one that integrates the concept of “with and without services.” An evolution of the affordable residence theme.
    D’ICI 2031 Le Vice Versa
  • Havre de l'EstuaireRimouski

    Eastern Quebec’s most ambitious and important project; 350 apartments in a modern architectural design. Initially planned over 2 phases yet completed without any delays in terms of construction and marketing.
    D’ICI 2031 Havre de l'Estuaire
  • Rosemont-les-quartiersMontreal

    The largest project developed for our client in a single phase. The first phase of what will be an important restoration of a city block. An innovative project offering an architecture that is geared to a new generation of retirees.
    D’ICI 2031 Rosemont-les-quartiers
  • Havre des CantonsMagog

    The first affordable retirement residence project offering an efficient architectural design. A new residence concept for lower income retirees, though providing a profit that resembles a traditional project.
    D’ICI 2031 Havre des Cantons
  • Faubourg GiffardQuebec

    An instant success, this impressive rental project comprising 380 apartments, showed an exceptional occupancy rate from the start. A 4-year project accomplished in 2 years thanks to construction continuity.
    D’ICI 2031 Faubourg Giffard
  • HumanoSherbrooke

    Nestled in a neighbourhood that perfectly reflects Sherbrooke’s many facets. Humano offers an equilibrium of urban effervescence and extraordinary natural surroundings.
    D’ICI 2031 Humano Sherbrooke
  • Arthur BJoliette

    By combining, among other things, a retirement residence and varied commercial offerings, Arthur B has rejuvenated the city of Joliette’s primary entry point. This project follows the meeting of the generations trend.
    D’ICI 2031 Arthur B


The key to our expertise is the collaboration of the strengths and competencies of each team member. Surrounded by powerful collaborators, we are equipped to effectively set projects in motion.

Claude Paré

Claude is creative through and through; President/Founder of Visavie and D’ici 2031, he is always coming up with new ideas and he knows how to achieve them. Since 1988, he has developed a unique expertise… orchestrating new and unique solutions in terms of residences and services for 55-plus residents.

Louis Sirois

Louis is a passionate and rigorous businessman. This pragmatic has, for more than 30 years, managed the strategic restructuring and planning of businesses in the following sectors: real estate, food and recreational sports. He is very active among national and international business associations.

Marjorie Paré

Marjorie is a recent marketing graduate from Montreal’s HEC; her verve and energy provide an overall fresh outlook in terms of marketing and deploying projects.

François Gaboury

François is a master in terms of corporate communications. This telecommunications, finance and real estate investment professional ensures visibility to all D’ici 2031 projects.

François Duchesne

François is the team’s adept artist; he has dedicated the past 30 years to visual communications. More than ideas on paper, Francois contributes to shaping the company’s personality. Public relations, marketing communications, advertising, internal communications… he is savvy in all communication strategies.


Aiming for excellence? Discover our services and ensure that you are effectively guided to success and results.

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